The Minilinker is a rather bizarre concept which has evolved into what you see today; a system wherein you can put in anyone's username and be able to browse through their bookmarks in a rather chaotic manner. If you have a username, put it into the box in the lower-left hand corner of the linker. Then click around and re-discover your links.

Some of what you see is originally an attempt by Charles Mercadal ( mercadal) to make an amazingly annoying page based on random garbage. In showing such a page of randomness to Justin Triplett ( decrypt), it was suggested that perhaps something useful could be made of the page.

Instead of simply being a page without substance, Justin encouraged Charles to work on code that would make the random text clickable, and, after clicking around for a while, would eventually come up with Justin's favorite links.

Never content with an unchanging system, such pointless features as background colors and a counter for each letter clicked were added.

As of March 2005, the system, instead of being self-contained, will now, by default, parse Justin's bookmarks (like this), but also offers the ability to parse anyone's bookmarks.

If you haven't got a username, click here to poke through Justin's bookmarks.

So why are you still reading? Go back and start linking!